Eating Out in Delhi

Eating Out in Delhi
From the by lanes of the walled city to the swanky hotels and restaurants, Delhi has the taste of all. Delhi gives you the option of choosing from the wide variety of cuisines, which is a mixture of regional and international food.

Delhi loves its food which is a blend of North Indian, South Indian, Chinese, Continental and American lifestyle fast food. All these varieties are readily available in every parts of Delhi. International chains such as McDonalds, Dominos, Pizza Hut, Pizza Express, Wimpy and TGIF have a good strong chain all over Delhi.

Some of the places worth visiting are:

  • Berco's and Fa Yian, for Chinese food
  • Karim's and Nizam's, for Mughlai food
  • Nirula's for a mix of Indian and western fast food
  • Sagar, in Defence Colony for Udipi food
  • English Dairy, a popular dhaba in Connaught Place for inexpensive vegetarian food
However, if you are a food lover and want to spend an evening with your friends and lovers in a rich ambience then these are the places to look for:
  • Delhi ka Aangan (Hyatt Regency)
  • Darbar (Ashoka Hotel)
  • Corbetts (Claridges)
  • Bukhara (Maurya Sheraton)
  • Frontier (Ashoka Hotel)
  • Baluchi (The Hilton)
  • EI Arab (Regal Building)
  • Dum Pukht or the process of slow cooking developed in Awadh (Maurya Sheraton)
  • Kashmiri food at Chor Bizarre (Hotel Broadway)
  • Thai food at Baan Tahi (The Oberoi)
  • Sukothai ( Hauz Khas village)
  • Japanese food at Tokyo (Ashoka Hotel)
  • Osaka (Haus Khas village

Well, if you are looking for a cheap and best option, you have the options like Gulati Restaurant (Pandara Market), Angeethi (Asiad Village) and Degchi (Regal Building). To add to that, there are a number of famous road side "dhabas", which are highly sought for by people from all sections of the society. Some of these are roadside eateries around Jama Masjid and Nizamuddin where kababs, rotis and biryani are the order of the day.


Chinese Food: Chinese food is available in every five star hotel in India while most restaurants in Delhi do serve Chinese food. Chinese food is very popular among the people of Delhi, which goes to show the reason why we have large number of Chinese cuisines in the city, not to mention the road side fast food with delicious Chinese food.

Continental Food: Continental cuisines can be had at five star hotels like La Rochelle (The Oberoi), the Orient Express (Taj Palace) and Rick's (Taj Man Singh). Continental food is also available at various multi-cuisine restaurants within the city.

Desi Junk Food: you can have the taste of various desi food available at every nook and corner of the city. Among the very popular and widely available are chat, gol guppe, paranthe, bhelpuri, chaat papri, etc. These stuffs can be found at places like:

  • Bengali Market near Connaught Place in the center of Delhi.
  • Haldiram's stores located at every parts of the city offer chat, sweets and other spicy items.
  • Ashok's near Chawri Bazaar in Old Delhi is famous for Chaat.

Indian Cuisines: The most popular and one of the delightful offerings of Indian cuisines can be found at Delhi Haat, where you can have the taste of real India. Delhi Haat has food stalls from almost every state in India, which offer cheap and quality food. The place has special importance in the sense that quality food is coupled with swanky market depicting arts and crafts culture of India. For food lovers, eateries such as those at Pranthe wali gali, or chaat at Bengali Market and sunder Nagar, bhelpuri at Greater Kailash and sweetmeats from Annapoorna and Ghantewala can be a part of the gastronomical tour of Delhi.

Italian food is very popular all over India and especially in Delhi where people love to have Italian food. Most of the restaurants and Hotels in Delhi serve Italian food with some specific Italian restaurant serving quality food. Among the most common Italian restaurants, we have:

  • Little Italy, Defence Colony Market
  • The West View at Maurya Sheraton, Olive near the Qutub Minar, Diva at Greater Kailash Pt.2, San Gimignano at Imperial Hotel and La Piazza at Hyatt Regency offer some of the best authentic Italian food in the South-Asian continent.
  • The Big Chill, Khan Market and East of Kailash, is popular with a young crowd for great smoothies, ice creams, cheesecakes and Italian food.
  • Flavours of Italy, near the Moolchand Flyover.

Thai Food: If you are a lover of Thai food, then you must visit:

  • EGO Thai at Friends Colony Market
  • Culinaire at GK2
  • Chilli Seasons at Lodhi Colony market
  • Ban Thai at the Oberoi hotel

NWFP & Tandoori Food: Some of the popular Tandoori destinations in Delhi are:

  • Moti Mahal Deluxe and Havemore at Pandara Park.
  • Bukhara at Maurya Sheraton. This restaurant is featured in the book, "1001 Places to Visit", which is the best in terms of taste, ambience and quality.
  • Others notables include Chor Bizzare and Punjabi by Nature.


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