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History of East Delhi If we look at the history of Delhi, we find that people lived on one side of the river because of the fear of invaders who used to invade via river. This is why Delhi was located on the west of Yamuna River. With the advent of bridges which connected either side of river, the name "Trans Yamuna" came into existence and was geographically called East Delhi.

Delhi being the national capital of India had the influx of people from all parts of the country. These people found East Delhi an appropriate place to build homes which embarked the growth of East Delhi. The period between 1980 and 1990 saw maximum number of growth in population.

East Delhi Location

East Delhi is located on the eastern bank of Yamuna River and this part of the city is also called "Trans Yamuna". East Delhi is surrounded by some parts of U.P, which includes Noida and Ghaziabad.

According to the census of 2001, the population of East Delhi was 1.448770 million. East Delhi lying at the other side of Yamuna River does not mean that it is having a different culture and tradition. The culture, tradition and lifestyle are almost the same as New Delhi. We find people from all religions and major festivals are celebrated here with the same vigor and enthusiasm.

East Delhi has been successful in accommodating large population of outsiders from different parts of the country. This is the reason why Delhi and other parts of Delhi have a cosmopolitan culture.

This is very vivid from the fact that Mayur Vihar Phase-III has a decent population of South Indians, while Mayur Vihar Phase I and Phase II is a home to Bengalis and Christians. Other areas of East Delhi like Seelumpur have a good number of Muslims with places like Geeta Colony being dominated by Sikhs and Punjabis.

The transportation facilities to and from East Delhi to other parts of the city are well versed with buses and auto rickshaw plying to all parts of the city. East Delhi is also among the busiest and densely populated areas of Delhi with places like Vikas Marg, Preet Vihar and Shahadra always prone to traffic jams.

Traffic problems in some parts of East Delhi have been reduced with the advent of Delhi Metro which runs through a part of East Delhi and terminates at Shahadra.

Major Sub Divisions in East Delhi are: Preet Vihar, Vivek Vihar, Shahdara, Mayur Vihar, Patparganj and Lakshmi Nagar.


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