Dance and Music

Culture is the speciality of New Delhi and whole of India. Delhi boasts its rich tradition and sound cultural values. The rich heritage and culture can be seen in the lifestyle, demography, art, crafts and music. Delhi being the capital of India has many art and craft galleries along with auditoriums that host regular cultural events.

Dance and Music

If you are a music lover or a connoisseur of music then Delhi is the place you must look for. Famous artists from the country visit Delhi to perform which is not limited to just one or two events but has a range of activities from the field of Indian classical music, Hindustani or Carnatic and the ghazals. These cultural events are organized on a regular basis and you can have every detail about the happenings in newspapers published in Delhi.

Among the main auditoriums hosting musical and dance performances, we have FICCI Auditorium, Kamani Auditorium, Chamber Theater at Triveni Kala Sangam, Sri Ram Center, Siri Fort Auditorium, the India International Center, LTG Auditorium and Auditoriums at Pragati Maidan.

You can visit Shankarlal, Dhrupad and Tansen Festivals happening in the month of February and March. Another event to look forward to is the Vishnu Digamber Festival in August where top musicians of the country gather to perform.

Month of October is famous for Qutab Festival held at the famous Qutab Minar in Delhi. Musicians and dancers offer fascinating performances in the vicinity of the beautiful Qutab Minar. Film lovers can look forward to National Film Festival and Bi-Annual International Film Festival, helf in the month of January. In addition to the cinema halls in the city, there are other theaters screening films of National and International fame. These theaters are the Hungarian Information Center, the Max Mueller Bhawan, the Russian Centre for Science and Cultural, the Japan Cultural Centre and the British Council Division.

Theaters and Auditoriums are heavily occupied by frequent performances by artists from across the country and a constant drive for these cultural activities comes from the very presence of National School of Drama. Hindi and local version of translated European plays are among the popular forms of Drama being organized here. Also, the Art and Crafts exhibition at the art galleries represents the promising nature of Delhi's art culture.

However, there has been new addition to the culture of dance in Delhi which is very different from the traditional dance. Well, we are talking of the dancing clubs where you can spend your weekends or a . There are many dance clubs in Delhi, especially in five star hotels like Taj Palace (My Kind of Place), Maurya Sheraton (Ghunghroos), Park Hotel (Someplace Else), Hyatt Regency (Oasis) and Le Meridien (C.J.'s). If you are having a stay at these hotels, then visiting the dance club is free but for an outsider there is an entry fee and provided you are in couple.

If you are a fun loving person and wish to go beyond Delhi, you can visit 32nd Milestone on the Delhi-Jaipur highway. The interior and ambience of the place resembles a spaceship and has big dance floors where you move your legs freely.


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