Culture is the speciality of New Delhi and whole of India. Delhi boasts its rich tradition and sound cultural values. The rich heritage and culture can be seen in the lifestyle, demography, art, crafts and music. Delhi being the capital of India has many art and craft galleries along with auditoriums that host regular cultural events.


Art and culture have gone side by side and they have a strong influence over the citizens of Delhi. The Mughals ruled Delhi for a long period and the art during that period was worth seeing. Akbar has been known for his work on arts and crafts. In ancient India, people used arts and crafts in their palaces for better lives. This is the reason why Mughals used to have Persian artists for carpet weaving and metal crafting.

The culture and tradition is still very well preserved with arts and crafts galleries in the city representing the work of various artists. The National Gallery of Modern Art, the Lalit Kala Academy and the Sanskriti Kendra are some of the main arts and crafts centers in Delhi. We have studios at the Lalit Kala Academy which has been developed on the designs of the city of art in Paris. These studios are called Garhis and artists are provided with studios and lodgings.

The Sanskriti Kendra at Anandgram is another home for artists and craftsperson who work and interact with other craftsmen to enrich their overall skill as an artist. The campus spreads over an area of eight acres with lodging facilities for artists and craftsmen. The craftsmen are given huts while the scholars work in studios, workshops and auditoriums. It also has an open theatre, an auditorium and an art gallery for hosting exhibitions of arts.

October to March happens to be the main months where cultural events take place in the city and you can look forward to various events related to arts and culture. The performances include classical dance, music and displays of major arts exhibition from the country.

Some of the prominent art galleries in Delhi are: Art Heritage, Vadhera Art Gallery, Triveni Art Gallery, Sridharani Gallery, LGT Gallery, Gallery Romain Rolland, Max Mueller Photo Gallery, the Village Gallery, AIFACS, Dhoomi Mal Art center and Khirkee Gallery.


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